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I decided to write this because I understand the frustration that comes from being overweight. After being overweight my entire adult life and finally discovering a product that allowed me to shed those extra pounds, I feel that I have to share my story with others. I want other women to know how I went from feeling miserable to feeling like Im on top of the world. This is my story….

The quick version: I discovered two amazing products that, when used together, allowed me to lose 43 pounds in 3 months, and that’s no joke. The two products I had been hearing a lot about in the news: acai berries and colon cleansing. The best part is that you can get free trials of both products:

Step 1:
Acai Power Blast

Step 2:
Power Colon Cleanse

My name is Sara and I live in Oklahoma City, OK. The last few years have been a wild ride for our family. Our 3rd child was born in July of 09. A healthy baby, thank god. But then it wasnt my babys health I was concerned about. It was my own.

As many of you moms know, being a mother of 3 can effect your body big time. Even just having one child can make you gain weight that doesnt seem to ever go away. This is a picture from just a few months ago and one from recently.

This is how I did it…

A couple months after our little Nicole was born, I looked in the mirror. I stepped on the scale and realized that since having 3 kids, I had gained over 50 pounds! My sugar cravings were not helping either. I looked at myself and thought I was ugly. I was depressed, but I knew I needed to do something about it.

Like so many other women, I’ve tried more diets than I can count. Slim Fast, Weight Watchers, Atkins, South Beach. You name it, I tried it. Did I really want to keep going in this endless circle of diets that never seem to work? I really didn’t. I was ready to goto my doctor to discuss weight loss surgery.

I told my husband about this and he made it clear that we could not afford such a surgery. I knew we couldnt afford it, but I did not want to admit it to myself. I was disgusted with my body. I stopped going out with the few friends I had. I was ready to give up…

So what did I do? You won’t believe it…One word gave me renewed hope: Acai.

Just when I was ready to crawl into a hole and never return, I saw a TV Show that really got my attention.

The show was discussing this fruit from the amazon rainforest called acai (pronounced ah-sa-ee). Acai is truly an a wonder fruit, I came to learn. It is more powerful than blueberries or pomegranate and can be dried and taken in capsules.

The next part is what really got my attention when they started talking about how acai helps you to lose weight by naturally reducing hunger and raising energy levels.

They made acai sound like the greatest thing since sliced bread, and I really like sliced bread :) I don't trust them at the first, but I decided to do a little more research about acai. I quickly discovered many articles from CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, and The Wall Street Journal all talking about the incredible benefits of Acai.

I thought to myself, hey, this sounds like something that might actually work, and its all natural. I decided I would give acai a try after discussing it with my husband.

The very next morning, I saw acai on TV again, this time it was on a different show talking about another methodto lose weight. It’s something I had heard of before but never thought about trying: Colon Cleansing.

Who wants to do that, right?? That was my attitude for the longest time, until my weight was getting to be too much to handle. I would do anything to shed these extra pounds. So I sat down to see what colon cleanse can do.

I don’t know all the medical details, but I was able to understand why someone would want to colon cleanse. Apparently after years of eating meats and fatty foods, all sorts of gunk and undigested food gets trapped in your colon along with harmful toxins.

All this nasty stuff that gets stuck inside you causes lower energy levels and adds inches to your waistline. And apparently there are a few products out there that can clear out all of this gunk from your system. All you have to do is take a pill supplement and it will naturally clean all this stuff out of you.

According to them, you can do all the exercises you want and you will still not be able to get rid of that stubborn belly and rear-end fat. Then it dawned on me: That is why all the diets I’ve tried in the past didnt work! I would follow the diet exactly and exercise regularly. But I just couldnt lose the weight.

So now I had a dilemma. What should I try, Acai tablets or Colon Cleanse tablets? I assumed they were both going to be expensive, so trying them both was out of the question.

So I started looking around online and actually found 2 companies offering free trials of these two products. I couldnt believe it! Somehow I knew that putting these two factors together - acai and colon cleanse - I would be able to lose all the weight I wanted!

So I went ahead and ordered the Acai Power Blast_Free Trial and the
Power Colon Cleanse_Free Trial.
All I had to pay was the S&H charges, which was about ten bucks for both products and I got to try them both for 30 days. My husband thought that price was reasonable!

I have not looked back since. Within one month, I had lost 18 pounds!! In two months 33 pounds. Now after 3 months, 43 pounds and I am back to my weight before I had kids and I have never had so much energy! This is a recent picture, as shown above.

The Acai + Colon Cleanse diet really worked like magic. I tell all my friends about it. Naturally, they all tell me I look great and want to know how I did it, so I have to tell them! :)

I don’t know if each of these supplements would work so well by themselves, but together they really do work miracles. I wouldnt believe it unless it actually happened to me. It did, and I am forever grateful.

Once I started to lose weight, I decided to sit down and figure exactly why these two products work so well together. This is what I discovered:

Step 1: Acai Power Blast

>> Acai Power Blast is the first and most important part of the routine. It provides massive amounts of vitamins and nutrients to help my body’s immune system.

>> Acai is also a natural hunger suppressant. It’s quite amazing, after taking Acai Power Blast for about a week, my sweet cravings disappeared. That was my weakness, chocolate and other sweets. I still enjoy them every once in awhile, but I don’t crave them anymore. It’s great.

>> Along with stopping cravings, acai also balances metabolism, allowing the body to burn more calories naturally.

>> All of the vitamins and minerals in acai are GREAT for skin health. I’ve even noticed a tightening of my skin. So that as I’ve lost weight, I don’t have ugly stretch marks or flabby skin. My skin has actully tightened around my face, neck, and arms.

Step 2: Power Colon Cleanse

>> While Acai is an overall energy booster and appetite suppresor, the Colon Cleanse naturally removes all the built up gunk in my colon. Im so happy its just a pill to take and not invasive into my body at all. It doesn’t need to be, the Colon Cleanse tablets work wonders.

>> Because my colon is now cleaned out, all the excess fat isn’t accumulating anymore. It’s going straight out of my body!

>> And since my colon is cleansed, I am able to absorb all the benefits of Acai more easily. Are you seeing how these two work products work together so well!?

>> This allows even more fat and toxins to be eliminated through the colon since there isnt anything blocking it anymore.

>> This becomes a cycle that will continually repeat itself as long as I continue to take Acai Power Blast and Power Colon Cleanse supplements. Acai provides an energy boost, stops cravings, and provides tons of vitamins while the Colon Cleanse disposes of all the retained waste and water that the body likes to hold onto.

>> The cycle repeats as I continue to lose weight, have healthier and tighter skin, more energy, and feel 15 years younger!

I am still absolutely amazed by the power of combining Acai Power Blast and Power Colon Cleanse. And what is really the icing on the cake is that I was able to get started for almost nothing with the Acai Power Blast and the Power Colon Cleanse.

If you feel like you have tried every diet and failed, try giving this one a shot! What do you have to lose, other than those extra pounds :)

Thanks for listening to my story and I will keep you all updated as to my progress!

Needless to say, my husband couldnt be happier. He tells me I look sexier than I have in years, and I feel that way too! Our sex life has become out of this world, let me tell you. Well, I wont tell you anymore than that :)

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CLICK HERE for a free trial of Power Colon Cleanse

UPDATE - 22/4/2010

Hi everyone!!

I just wanted to take a minute to post an update, since it’s been about 9 months since I posted my first blog entry. I’ve been getting a lot of questions on whether or not I’ve been able to keep the weight off or whether I’ve lost more since then. I’m happy to report that I’m still down about 40 pounds overall.

My doctor and I think that this is a healthy weight for me, so I’m not trying to lose any more weight at the moment. I’m still taking the acai berry supplements and colon cleanse products regularly - not necessarily for weight loss, but because they give me so much more energy for exercising and playing with my kids :)

If you have any questions or need advice, I’m always happy to help!!

Thanks and take care,


“I used to suffer from chronic indigestion no matter what I ate, but now my digestive problems have gone away thanks to acai. From this point forward, I will use acai daily.”

- Jordan, WA

“I used to fall asleep every afternoon after lunch, which made me fear eating lunch at all. I have so much more energy now that I started taking acai berry each morning!”

- Mary, NJ

“Acai helped me get back down to a healthy weight in just 6 months. I have never had a better reason to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe.”

- John, CO

“Adding Acai Berry to my daily supplements has helped me to lose 20 pounds in the last 3 months! I intend to use some kind of acai product for the rest of my life.”

- Samantha, CA